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  • Maybe add some side artwork
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  • Improved the Bezel Alignment
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Arcade Cabinet 2011 - Cabinet
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Written by Maxi   
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 12:14

Mame Arcade Cabinet Marquee in Photoshop 

Now on to the physical cabinet itself, there has been a fair few changes but nothing dramatic thus far. This most visual improvement has to be in the above image, the marquee has finally been custom made after many of moons with the generic defender logo. To make this awesome marquee (haha) I just downloaded various video game sprites from the interwebs and make a collage of game characters in Photoshop, added some text with some fancy lines and I'm done. Keep reading for a download link to the Photoshop file.

Bezel in my arcade cabinet Covering the white monitor in my mame cabinet using card

To download the Photoshop file I created click


In the above marquee design I used the font http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/technoid_one.htm which will need to be installed in order to correctly edit the text.

Next up was sorting out the bezels on the monitor so the glow from the CRT wasn't illuminating the white monitor face. The darkened plexi-glass helps a lot with this but the brightness of the CRT does tend to show a little of the inside of the cabinet (which is pretty rough) so I went about covering the monitor in black card to try and hide the hideous monitor inside. It would be better to paint the monitor but the card has done a great job with the screen almost looking llike its floating inside the dark cabinet. The left hand picture also shows the SEGA sign cut in half this is because I forgot to lower the plexi-glass when I was sorting out the inside, this how now been fixed!

Hyperspin frontend setup for Model 2 in my mame cabinet The mess of the inside of my cabinet speaker system

The frontend has now been setup to run all of the emulators I have currently got installed perfectly but I still need to add the artwork for individual games and the wheels. I would also like to have the emumovies files but I'm not sure if its worth investing in them at the moment. Still some work to do on the inside as you can see by the above image, the new speakers I have added have caused somewhat of a mess inside. This isn't causing any issues really a part from when I move the PC out of the cabinet it tends to pull everything else with it.

Here are some larger pictures of the cabinet taking with my mobile so I'm sorry about the quality. Click for full screen:

Sega Rally on my home built arcade cabinet in 2011 Finally working after all of these months. Awesome! :D


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