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My Eyefinity Setup
My ATI Eyefinity triple screen setup with desktop wallpaper

My Eyefinity setup is a bit of a budget one but none the less it's still a three screen setup so I can't complain. The main problem with upgrading to Eyefinity at the moment is the issue of having a Display Port on one of your monitors or at least an "Active" display port adapter which aren't very common or cheap. I'm using the cheapest monitor with a DP out there, the Dell P2210H, this is a great stepping stone into triple monitor gaming if you are used to smaller displays. Here is a quick list of what my testing setup is made up of:

1. Intel Quad-Core Q6600 @ Stock

2. ATI Radeon HD XFX 5870 1GB

3. 4GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2

4. Asus P5KC Motherboard

5. Dell P2210H 21.5" Monitor

6. 2x BenQ G2220HDA 21.5" Monitors

7. Logitech G25 Racing Wheel

The main part of the setup is obviously the three monitors. I'm using 3 21.5" 16:9 1920x1080 native resolution monitors which took me a little while to get used to as I've always used 16:10 or 4:3 so this seemed super widescreen. 16:9 aspect ratio was the better choice just because of the price which was a good 30-40% cheaper than a 16:10 setup (at the time of writing this article) and the opportunity to have a Full HD monitor with other uses with a promising future. By promosing future I mean most movies these days are native 15:9 ratio and with more and more games porting from game consoles to PC's, 16:9 could be the norm for PC users before long.

Winamp running on a triple screen setup using Eyefinity
Logitech G25 running with ATI Eyefinity just fine